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Titicaca Peru SumUp

Surely you have heard of Lake Titicaca before. Located on the border between Peru and Bolivia, the lake has a surface elevation of

Arequipa / Cola SumUp

Arequipa: Arequipa might be one of the largest cities in Peru, but in comparison to Lima, you can actually do a lot on

Sticking to our own rule of brief and informative summaries, we are also going to try to keep this chapter as short as

When people speak about everything that lies at the coast and South of Lima, the town names popping up will probably be Paracas,

In the following summary we are going to introduce you to three coast spots we visited in the North of Peru. For your

SumUp Huaraz

Huaraz is a small city in the North. It is not very touristic, as most tourists focus on the South of Peru. Therefore

Lima SumUp

Lima is a typical South American metropole. Big, messy and noisy. The capital of Peru is full of life at day and night.

Peru Travel Itinerary

After 11 months, when we returned back home to Europe, friends and family often asked us which country we liked best. Although this