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Cuenca SumUp

Our last stop in Ecuador! In order to get from the coast to Cuenca you have to first get to Guayaquil. In Guayaquil

Coast Ecuador SumUp

In this summary we are going to speak about 3 towns we visited on the Ecuadorian coast: Machalilla, Puerto Lopez & Montañita. Machalilla:

Galapagos SumUp

First things first, this article is just a short summary of our Galapagos experience. There is a lot to say about Galapagos, especially

Otavalo SumUp

The last days before Galapagos we spent in Otavalo, it is more or less 2 hours up North from Quito. From Latacunga which

We still had roughly a week before Galapagos and added the second highest volcano of Ecuador to our to do list. First things

Baños Sumup

We still had roughly 1 1/2 weeks time before our flight from Quito to Galapagos. We decided to head down South to Baños.

Quito SumUp

Quito is a large city and the capital, expect to experience a typical South American metropole. A couple of skyscrapers, a lot of

Ecuador is a country that doesn’t attract as many tourists and backpackers as Mexico, Peru or Colombia. Why that is the case we