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Playa del Carmen: This Sum-Up will be a short one. If you are looking for sun and party go to Playa del Carmen,

Bacalar – SumUp

Bacalar was simply amazing! The town is named after it’s huge, crystal blue lagoon. There are not many hostel options and that is

Tulum – SumUp

If you are heading to Tulum from Merida, the bus ride shouldn’t cost more than 5€ and take approx. 4 hours. Tulum is

After a short stay in Oaxaca we readied ourselves for the next bus ride: 30 hours until Merida. All bus rides in Mexico

In order to get to Oaxaca City, we took a bus from Puerto Escondido, which lies in the same state and still it

After some cloudy days in Mexico City (with an average of 15 degrees day temperature) we felt in need of sun and beach.

Mexico City – SumUp

In Mexico City we had the luck to stay at a friends place. In case you are not that lucky: Backpacker hostels will

Mexico Travel Itinerary

We stayed in Mexico in October/November of 2018. Mexico is one of the most visited countries in Latin America, therefore expect famous regions