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Fortaleza SumUp

Fortaleza is the 5th largest city of Brazil and probably the most populated one in the Northeast region of the country. It is

Natal: Natal is one of the biggest cities in the North of Brazil. It is a typical large South American city, with a

While the towns of Maragogi, Tamandare and Porto de Galinhas are rather seldom heard of when you read about backpacking Brazil, a visit

Salvador SumUp

Another spectacular city. Salvador doesn’t get as many visitors as Rio, mainly due to the fact that most travelers focus on the more

Rio de Janeiro SumUp

Rio might be our favorite capital city in South America. Not only because of it’s amazing coastline and beaches, but also because of

Manaus SumUp

Manaus, located at the Amazon river and surrounded by rainforest. There is one road connecting the rest of Brazil with Manaus, but to

Brazil Travel Itinerary

When people think about Brazil, they think of Samba, beach and good vibes. And Brazil is definitely all that and much more!!! Why