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The further you go to the South/East of Bolivia, the less tourists you’ll find. Both Samaipata and Santa Cruz are a bit off

Cochabamba is a city that normally doesn’t get a lot of visitors. That might be due to the fact that most Bolivia travelers

Sucre SumUp

Sucre, the official capital of Bolivia, is an absolute beauty. We fell in love with this city. In fact it is one of

Potosí SumUp

6 hours ride from Uyuni on a height of over 4000 meters lies the city of Potosí. Potosí used to be a very

Uyuni SumUp

A must do for all visitors of Bolivia. It is the biggest and probably most famous attraction of the country and once you

La Paz SumUp

Most Europeans believe La Paz to be the capital of Bolivia. That is wrong. Officially Sucre is the capital of Bolivia, but La

The highest navigable lake in the world and the largest sweet water lake in South America…Titicaca is probably a lake everybody has heard

Bolivia seems to be one of the lesser visited countries, when we think about backpacking South America. The main reasons for that might